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The server is currently in beta. If you're interested in joining or learning when we will be going to full release then come join our Discord group!


We have worked very hard on survival and make the great features, including some light RPG elements, all flow together. Currently we have guilds, mcmmo, and much more. For our economy, we have an auction house along with server shops.


We have filled it with stuff to make it as fun as possible. We offer multiple worlds, such as flat, void, vanilla biomes, and special biomes, to fit your preferences. You can recieve higher ranks and more perms by having your builds ranked!


Although we're currently focused on our survival and creative servers, we still have room for more. If there are any server types you'd like us to add, let us know

What is Game Over?

Game Over, simply put, is a gaming community. After Builders Unite, an older minecraft gaming community, had closed, some of us remained and wanted to stay together, so we got together to create Game Over. Therefore, both communities do share some similarities. However, we are trying our best to provide our players with an even better and more professional experience.


Our Staff Team

I'm Catrotten, a sysadmin and the other main reason why the server goes down and hopefully I can fix it.

I'm Deus_Iuvenes. I'm a loser who hasnt written my description yet. Please point and laugh at me.

I'm EverittHart, a Headstaff. My role is to help improve the creative server and assist players on the server. If you need help just yell my name.

Hi, I'm GameO. I'm one of Game Over's sysadmins. If the server is down I probably had something to do with it.

This is vxin. He's british, you can tell by the amount of tea he drinks and his bad teeth. He occasionally builds and designs stuff.

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Or maybe this could be you.

This probably couldn't be you though.

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